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Choose the pro formula that works for you!

If you wish to give your team a recreational and interesting experience… and to strengthen the bonds while encouraging team spirits…

Come and play our escape games and/or participate an urban photo shooting on one of our tours in Paris or Lyon! We will organize a fun and quality time for you.

Package 1 – You want to have a little fun and relaxed time with colleagues, choose the escape game at 26/28€/pers depending on the tour.

Package 2 – You are hosting a larger team building event, come and enjoy the escape game of your choice + lunch, all included, in a nice local restaurant from 58€/pers.

Package 3 – You have a one-day seminar, take the turnkey formula: escape game of your choice + lunch at a nice local restaurant + urban photo shooting 99€/pers.

There is no limit to the number of participants and the schedules are flexible, so that we can best cater to the needs of your organization.

The formulas are modular and adjustable.

We will be happy to help you organize the best team building event in the world!

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Escape games de Team building avec Le Libre Lyon
escape games de Team building avec Le Libre Lyon

Cultural Escape Games in Paris and Lyon

The escape games are made of riddles that focus on the enigmatic districts of Paris and Lyon. In addition to learning about French culture, the team building participants will also develop their sense of observation and logical thinking.

Moreover, the activities are hosted by game masters at your service. They will take pro-quality photos for free. This way you will have a souvenir of the day to share with all your colleagues.

Divided into small groups, the team members will have a friendly competition. You have to crack a code in a time limit of 2 hours, and a gift is at stake. The teammates will have to show the spirit of cooperation by drawing on each member’s strenth the best way possible. This will be an opportunity for people to strengthen ties and get to know each other better.


Photo shooting at cultural heritages in an urban setting, indoors and outdoors

Our professional photographers will accompany you to the most beautiful places in Paris and Lyon. They will take both individual portraits of each team member and group photos. Thus you will be able to relive this memorable experience, with many highlight moments of the day. Everyone will have their own personal art portraits. You will also have professional photos of your teams ready to be used in your communication plan.
The secret of taking a good photo is to know how to guide the models to bring out their most authentic and beautiful self. They will offer you a nice walk from one ideal photo spot to another for a natural, beautiful and lively result. You will have amazing photos of you and your collaborators on a background that elevates you. The photographers play with the cultural heritage scenes in an urban setting (statues, stairs, bridges…) to make original and interesting pictures of you.
The photographers will sort and rework the pictures taken befor sending you a link for download the next day. There will be about ten pictures of each team member and ten group photos.

Escape games


Escape game du Vieux Lyon avec le Libre Lyon


Emblematic Renaissance district, magnificently rehabilitated in the last decades, the Vieux-Lyon conceals architectural treasures and hides incredible mysteries.

Outdoor tour

26 euros/pers.

24 euros/child up to 12 years old


Escape game du grand Hôtel Dieu à Lyon avec Jeu Visite

The Hôtel-Dieu of Lyon

The most prestigious building of the Presqu’Île, the Hôtel-Dieu is a fascinating place. This jewel of heritage is also an incredible playground because of its almost labyrinthine architecture.

Indoor tour

26 euros/pers.

24 euros/child up to 12 years old

From 05/01/2023


Escape game à Montmartre avec Jeu Visite


Montmartre: Sacré-Coeur, Place du Tertre, Maison Rose, the vineyards… and a lot of lesser-known corners with their own unique charm, where many secrets have been brewing over the centuries.

Outdoor course

28 euros/pers.

26 euros/ child until 12 years old


Escape game du Sacré avec Jeu Visite


The Basilica of the Sacred Heart with its incredible Romanesque-Byzantine architecture is a place of mystery. We invite you to learn to decipher its symbols and admire its wonders.

Indoor course

26 euros/pers.

24 euros/child up to 12 years old


Escape game sur l'île de la Cité à Paris avec Jeu Visite

Île de la Cité

The escape game on the Ile de la Cité helps to understand the roots of the capital and the identity of the Ile de la Cité – its royal past, its popular tradition, its heart: Notre-Dame.

Outdoor course

26 euros/pers.

24 euros/child up to 12 years old


Entrée de la Galerie Vivienne

Covered Passages

The Covered Passages are often overlooked, even though they were and still are carrying the life stories of Parisians. Charming, singular, and full of history, they are the key to revealing the identity of Paris.


Indoor course

28 euros/pers.

26 euros/ child until 12 years old

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